Skin of Steel Founder interviewed on WGN radio

IMAGES-2014-05-photo32+(2)On Saturday, May 24th, Bill Moller on WGN radio’s Mind and Body segment interviewed Skin of Steel Founder Susan Steel. Susan joined Dr. Amy Brodsky, North Shore Dermatologist and Founder of Pediatric Sun Safety Foundation. Susan shared her story of survival and Skin of Steel’s mission to establish the first national melanoma tissue bank to enhance research and treatment options. Both women highlighted the critical importance of practicing sun safety, especially in your early years when up to 80% of the sun damage occurs. Susan related how she spent hours in the sun, sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter at a time when the skin protection was barely on people’s radar. The incidence of melanoma is on the rise due in part to ozone depletion and sun exposure. Skin of Steel is focused on providing a key research tool, primary melanoma tumor tissue, which will be shared with researchers through a national melanoma tissue bank.

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