USC Rower Sara Bilimoria Launches Meters for Melanoma to Support Tissue Bank

IMAGES-2014-12-13Since high school, Glenview’s Sara Bilimoria has been dedicated to Skin of Steel’s mission. Back in 2010, the organization was focused on educating youth about sun safety and Sara helped launch a campaign at Glenbrook South. Today she’s championing fundraising for the organization’s current primary project – to build a national Melanoma Tissue Bank. Bilimoria and other members of the USC Rowing team are seeking donations based on the number of kilometers they race in competition and have already raised more than $5,000 “We are planning to use this season, and hopefully future seasons, to channel our hard work toward this cause,” she said, referring to a new campaign her teammates have named Meters for Melanoma Tissue Bank. Read more at

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