Melanoma Needs a National Tissue Bank

Help us build it

A national melanoma tissue bank’s collaborative potential for public and private research is unprecedented. Four leading melanoma research centers have laid the groundwork for this bank, which will provide the most basic of tools—primary tissue to be used in research. A phenomenal network of leading melanoma researchers waits anxiously to collect these vital tissue samples for the national research community. Now we must find courageous funders who understand that the fastest growing cancer in the world demands a national melanoma tissue bank because it is a fundamental key to the cure.

Skin of Steel and AIM at Melanoma

Our Mission

Skin of Steel’s mission is to provoke revolutionary personal, behavioral and institutional change in dealing with melanoma.

Working Together to Build a National Melanoma Tissue Bank for Public and Private Research

Skin of Steel is collaborating with AIM at Melanoma to secure funding for the first national melanoma tissue bank to collect fresh-frozen primary tumor tissue. There will be four branches of the bank administered by the following medical research institutions. AIM and Skin of Steel will participate in executive administration.

The tier-one melanoma professionals involved are researchers and oncologists at the following institutions:

  • Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University
  • Hillman Cancer Center at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science University
  • California Pacific Medical Center