Help Us Change the Landscape of Melanoma

Donate to SOS today.

Skin of Steel’s primary focus is to fund a national melanoma tissue bank so that researchers have access to the critical tool they need for research: fresh frozen primary tumor tissues. Your donation today will benefit melanoma patients tomorrow.

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Int’l Melanoma Tissue Bank Consortium

How much funding does the bank need?

$3.5 million will establish the national melanoma tissue bank at all four research institutions and cover the costs of the initial three years of tissue collection and annotation.

You can improve the outcome for your family and the hundreds of thousands of others who may develop melanoma.

Help us provide researchers with the tools they need most: access to fresh-frozen, primary tissue and the genetic biomarkers to be discovered within.

As a responsible member of the community, Skin of Steel is accountable. The more you know about our trustworthy stewardship of funds, the more willing you will be to invest in the future with Skin of Steel. Every year, we file a report with the Internal Revenue Service, IRS Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax). This report is available for public inspection in our office. If you want to access a copy of our IRS Form 990, it is available online from GuideStar (free registration required).